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Tips And Tricks For Your Laundry Day By Home Cleaners In Dubai

It’s time to do your laundry quick fast with the best time-saving tips and tricks from Maids in dubai

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Laundry is probably one of the most tiring household chores we do every day. Though we spend adequate time for laundry, sometimes the result may disappoint us.

Even though there are a lot of advanced washing machines available in the market, that still can be one of the most boring things to do.

Here are the best tips and tricks by home cleaners in Dubai to shorten your laundry time.

Prepare Your Clothes

Home cleaners in Dubai advise preparing the clothes before washing them. Here are the steps to prepare your clothes before they move to the laundry.

  • Check the pockets
  • Unzip the zippers
  • Make sure you unbutton the buttons and buckles
  • secure the Velcro to prevent abrasion
  • close the hooks

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