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Cast Iron Cookware Cleaning – Do’s And Don’ts By Maids On Hourly Basis

Here’s everything you need to know about cleaning cast iron cookware, what to do, and what not to do by maids on hourly basis in Maids in dubai

Maids On Hourly Basis

Cast iron cookware is popular for baking our favorite dishes to perfection. These heavy pans are economical as well as worth for stovetop cooking as well as baking.

What are the benefits of using cast iron cookware?

  • Once your cookware is hot, it stays hot for a longer time. Cast iron skillets are amazing when cooking meat.
  • They are tough and highly durable.
  • Cast iron cookwares keep food warm for a longer period.
  • Seasoning makes cast iron to work better in every use.
  • During cooking a mild amount of iron is absorbed into the dishes.
  • Cast iron cookware is affordable.
  • They can deliver non-stick cooking without using any chemical coating.

As every coin has a flip side, cast irons to have some weaknesses. Here are a few of them.

  • These pans are poor heat conductors
  • Cast iron pans are very heavy.
  • Online other non-stick pans, the handles of cast iron pans can get hotter and you need to use a heat resistant hand glove while using cast iron cookware.
  • To make your cast iron pan non-sticky, you need to add seasoning for the best results.

Cast Iron skillets will last for generations if they are decently cared for. The hard part of using cast iron skillets is when it comes to cleaning. They needed to be gentle when cleaning up. Here are the best do’s and don’ts when cleaning cast iron cookware by maids on hourly basis.

Cast Iron Skillet Cleaning Steps 

  1. Cleaning right after cooking.
  2. Use hot water.
  3. Scrub off stuck-on food with a paste of coarse kosher salt mixed with water.
  4. Dry it in a low flame.
  5. Apply a coat of oil.
  6. Store the pan on the rack.

Maids On Hourly Basis

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